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I had a dream last night...it's a real dream, come on, i'm not joking...
there was a war...many things were destroyed, many people left dead on the ground...and after some time, the war stopped, people were tired of killing each others...and we decided to live all together, in communion with our mother earth and to forget about politics and about money and all that and live free, happy and act in the name of love...but only small groups of individuals were left all around the world...
i don't know why i made this dream...it's the worst ever and the most beautiful at the same time...now, is that really what i want or a mix of what i don't want and what i wish mankind could be like?
i don't know.
and i had another dream...it was horrible, my father was killed and i was raped by a US marine...just because my father looks like an afghani (well because we have afghan rooots)...and no one was there to help us...

still afraid of americans...
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