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from my handwritten journal 01.29.02 [2:14a.m.]

i just had a really empowering dream.

i dreamt that i got married... to no one. i was in St. Peter's church in England, where Princess Diana got married. The pews were filled with family and an amalgamation of people i've seen in movies and music videos. I HAVE NO FRIENDS. i saw myself walking down the aisle in a white wedding gown, with a veil and everything, alone. there was no groom present at all.

i put my ring on my own finger and when it came time to kiss the bride, i turned around and blew a big kiss to the audience. they applauded. there was a big outdoor party, then it started to rain.

we didn't care.

I didn't care.

it didn't stop me from continuing to slice and hand out pieces of my wedding cake. the sky was gray. there was a food fight and i actually saw myself smiling. i was smiling at my wedding with no groom in a vanilla cake covered, damp white wedding gown...
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