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Hi I'm new

Before I post this, here are the people in this:

Rowan: one of my best friends
VJ: just some guy friend of mine
Ricky: the guy I like, and who may like me back
Abby: random girl I know
Jen: a friend of mine who has the incredible talent to change clothing very fast without actually showing any skin. It's amazing.

I dreamt this a few nights ago:

Rowan and I are sitting in the car, and her mom is driving us to go see some movie. About halfway there, we decide not to go to the movie, and we try and find a cheap place to get Indian food. Um...okay, so then Rowan's mom isn't in the car anymore, and it's someone else (can't remember who, maybe Abby, which is REALLY weird), and Ricky materialized in the back seat, as did...VJ? Gah, can't remember. Whoever they were didn't have a major role. Anyway. We drive around for a while, and finally find some take-out place or summing (the sign on the highway had a picture of Ramen noodles. Um...those're Japanese o_O).

::Scene Change, same people::

Rowan and I are in this REALLY small swimming pool (like, the size of a regular hot-tub, but it's a pool), and it would appear that we have been for a while, as we are very wet, and want to get out. Rowan gets out, and goes off somewhere else. I'm really cold, and don't want to get out of the pool to get my clothing (I have on a swimming suit, just so everyone knows). Ricky walks in, and I ask him to hand me my clothing (ugh, and there's a BIG ol' pile o' clothes, so it takes a while to find). end up using a towel to change under (like how Jen changed her shirt that time...okay, only two people will understand that, but it's pretty much changing into something while still wearing what you're changing out of). I ended up dressed *yay* and out of the pool.

So, anyone want to tell me if this is a brain rant, mindless subconscious junk, or actually has some meaning?
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